About Us

About Soumika Eduvision:

“​Soumika Eduvision​” is located in  Berhampur, Murshidabad. It is about 2.5 KM away from Berhampur Court Railway Station. It is the initiative of retired Head Teacher of a  Sr. Secondary School Mr. Sujit Kr. Sarkar, to promote quality education among people who are desiring a platform to get higher education and reach to the next level in their career.

Soumika Eduvision was established in 2011 and has a group of experienced individuals who are capable of providing quality education and training from reputed colleges and universities in India.


To provide quality education and services to every individual so that they can reach up to the next level.


Head of the institution (Academic):

Soumika Eduvision is the institution that has been launched with a vision to transform its students into competent, inspired and responsible professionals. The institution has a mission to provide quality education in most of the disciplines of Engineering, Applied Science, Management, Health Sciences, Education,Lawand Humanities & Social Sciences up to the Post-graduate level including M.Phil and Ph.D. The University aims to produce talented professionals with higher education and skill to serve mankind.

Mr. Sujit Kr. Sarkar
M.A (Eng). B.Ed
University of Calcutta

Head of the Institution (Administration):

Here you will discover numerous opportunities offered at our Institutioninareas of Engineering, Pharmacy, Management and Research. Our institution characterized by its strength in science, engineering, pharmacy and management education. Together it provides an all round personality development with an emphasis on intensive and effective interface between institute and industry.

Mrs. Mithu Sarkar
B.A (Hist.)
University of Kalyani


We provide services to our students in such a way that they are ready for professional career. Workshops, training sessions, seminars, expert lectures and industry visits will be organized by our partner colleges and universities very effectively in order to give a real industry exposure.

Aditi Sarkar
M.A (English)